Having made your purchase from JU-A, you want to keep your items looking good and doing their job for as long as possible. Here are our product care instructions to help you do this:

Hand wash only – It is tempting to put your lingerie into the washing machine but it is strongly recommend that you don't.  Machine washing causes, not only the Lycra to degrade quicker, resulting in the decrease of support, but also the pressure put on the wires, which will push them out of the channel in the cup, and will either stick into delicate tissue during wear, or will stick through the drum of the washing machine and break the drive belt.  The delicate laces & embroideries will last longer if washed gently by hand, and the item will look newer for longer.. All our hosiery products also need to be washed by hand. 

Do not tumble dry – for the same reasons as above. The fabric can also distort during high heat resulting in a badly fitting cup.

Do not bleach – this will damage the delicate fabrics and affect the colours.

Do not iron – it will ruin the embroideries and lace

We know that not everyone is going to handwash their bras and underwear. If you choose to put your underwear in the washing machine please use a specialist bra/underwear bag to protect the materials and components. You can find these in our bra accessories. It will not prevent the wire being pushed out of the bra through pressure in the drum, but it will protect the drum and other items in the washload.

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